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Welcome to our selection of Ear muffs,earplugs and other hearing protection. We export hearing muff,noise cancelling ear muff,noise reduction ear muff,electronic ear muff,shooting ear muff,electronic ear muffs with radio,electronic ear muffs,etc


Hearing protection>Ear Muffs

hearing Ear Muffs Model No. SR-1
Ear Muffs Model No. SR-1

Rugged, non-conductive plastic construction ,Contoured, padded headband for secure, comfortable fit ,Pivoting cup attachment for equal pressure distribution ,Easy slide cup adjustment. Meet EN352 StandardMore Information

Economical hearing Ear Muffs Model No. SH-10

Ear Muffs Model No. SH-10

The hearing ear muff is our most economical ear muff in the product line. comes with soft internal padded ear cups, Will work great for the do-it-yourselfer or the person for light to moderate noisy environments. Easy slide cup adjustment.  More Information

hearing Ear muffs Model No. SH-2

Ear Muffs Model No. SH-2

hearing ear muff, In extremely high noise environments, optimal hearing protection is critical. The unique dual-shell design minimizes resonance and achieves maximum high-frequency attenuation. comply with EN352 standard.  More Information

Folding hearing Ear Muffs Model No. JLE009B

Ear Muffs Model No. SH-9

hearing ear muff, Super compact size and folding capabilities make these earmuffs convenient to store anywhere when not in use. More Information

Folding hearing Ear Muffs Model No. JLE009

Ear Muffs Model No. SH-11

The hearing ear muff in a small package. Super compact size and folding capabilities make these earmuffs convenient to store anywhere when not in use. Available in Cobalt Blue or Rocket Red. More Information

hearing Ear Muffs set with helmets Model No. SH-3

Ear Muffs Model No. SH-3

The hearing ear muffs for use with a wide range of hard hats. Ear cups snap in place during use and swing back when not in use. comply with EN352 standard. More Information

hearing Ear Muffs with neck string Model No. SH-4

Ear Muffs Model No. SH-4

hearing ear muffs, Sleek, anatomic behind the neck design, for use with face shields, visors hard hats and other PPE. Includes headband strap for better positioning.  comply with EN352 standard. More Information

electronic Ear Muffs / Shooting Ear muff Model No. EF300

electronic ear muffs Model No. EF300

the electronic ear muff Listen to conversations, keep an ear on machinery while protecting your hearing. Revolutionary technology blocks out only the sounds that exceed safety levels. Screens out noise over 85dB. Meet EN standard   More Information

electronic ear muffs with FM radio Model No. EF301

electronic ear muffs  Model No. EF301

the electronic ear muff listen to the radio while you protect your ears from chips, debris and industrial noise. Runs on two AA batteries (sold separately), FM bands 88 to 108 MHz, Meet ANSI and EN standard. More Information

electronic ear muffs With Radio Model No. EF302

electronic ear muffs  Model No. EF302

Electronic ear muffs protect the ears against noise levels higher than 85dB,On/Off switch with adjustable volume control. providing approx. 200 hours of use. Lead with 3.5mm mono plug included. Meet EN standard and ROHS standard .More Information

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